A Big Update 0.1.4 on the Balancelot Pre-Alpha Demo is out now!

March 23th 2018 – Somewhere in the Middle of Finland 

AnvilBird Interactive publishes new update on Balancelot for Windows and Mac. 

Pleasantly surprised and motivated from the positive feedback and reception, AnvilBird Interactive publishes an Improved Update for Balancelot’s Pre Alpha Demo! This latest version brings Balancelot closer to its finished form with some fancy new features and improvements. 

Updated features include

  • Improved mechanics 
  • Updated second stage 
  • New menu-features 
  • Music and sounds 
  • Visual improvements 
  • A Mac-build 
  • Bug-fixes and balancing the game (haha!) 

Development continues and the planned release date is during Summer 2018. For the finished game we’re planning to  

  • polish the game further  
  • create more stages to play 
  • full story mode and cutscenes 
  • PvP multiplayer 
  • More characters to play as 

Stay tuned for updates and news in our social media @balancelotgame on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!  


After playing, we’d appreciate feedback about your experience. Feel free to fill this small questionnaire.  



Balancelot_x86_64.zip 60 MB
Mar 23, 2018
Balancelot_x86_32.zip 58 MB
Mar 23, 2018
Balancelot.app.zip 62 MB
Mar 23, 2018

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