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24/11/2018: NEW UPDATE! Performance optimization and bug fixes for windows. Linux and mac builds to come!

Are you in search of new adventures and experiences? 

Balancelot is a challenging physics based indie game for PC. It is a light-hearted Unicycle Adventure through visually interesting medieval sceneries. You play as a lowly squire, who wants to participate a jousting tournament. Because he is too poor to buy a horse, so he gets a unicycle to participate in the tournament! 

On the way to reach your destination, you balance your way through medieval terrain on your unicycle and lance, face challenging obstacles, questionable foes and other bizarre incidents. The goal is to get to the tournament on time! 

Stay tuned and follow us!

Balancelot will be released early summer 2019. Meanwhile, feel free to follow @balancelotgame on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and  @anvilbirdinteractive on Instagarm!

After playing, we would hugely appreciate if you have time to answer this questionnaire, so we can keep improving the game! Thank you! 


Conquer Medieval Lands on a Goshdarned Unicycle! 




Install instructions

- Choose right version for your operating system (x32, x64 or mac-app).

- To play, unzip folder and open the folder to find Balancelot_pre-alpha.exe or the app-file. 


Balancelotx86_64.zip 98 MB
Balancelot_x86_32.zip 95 MB
Balancelot_mac.zip 100 MB
Balancelot_Linux.zip 114 MB

Development log


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Really fun game- I think I spent more time doing flips than making progress though, haha.

Hello! Those flips look great! :D  The skills will grow with time, your progress looked good! :D Happy to hear you enjoyed the demo! There's a bit of an update available at the moment, with some new features. ;)  

I was just playing Elasto Mania recently and was wondering where that type of game went. This could be one answer! And the name is awesome.

It was perhaps just a little bit too hard. But maybe if it just took longer for the difficulty to go up I wouldn't get so frustrated ;)

Hi! Happy to hear you're liking Balancelot and the comparison to Elasto Mania is quite accurate! :D We're working on balancing the difficulty. Have you tried the latest update we did recently? The full game should be out within a few months. :D Stay tuned for more info! 

hello,  we are a couples games.  mashup monday is a way to give develipers feedback on their game.  your game is the second game we played.

Hi! Thanks for giving the demo a try! :D There's a new demo available to try out and we're working on publishing the game within a few months. :D Stay tuned! 

As frustrating as it was It was such a fantastic game and I can’t wait to rage even more when the full version is released.


Hello! Thank you for playing the demo and feedback!  We appreciate it! There's an updated version of the demo available at the moment and we're working hard to get the finished game out within a few months. :D Stay tuned! 

So much fun. Difficult but not mean in it's unfairness. Love physics based games. Looking forward to what this game becomes!

Hi! Glad to hear you enjoyed the game and thank you for the video! :D Your play through looked very nice. Stay tuned for the news, we'll keep developing the game forward! :D 

Made a video 

Thank you for playing! :D That Checkpoint-reset bug of the boxes in the end of the level is now fixed on the newest update. Now it should be less nerve wrecking to finish the level. ;) :D  Anyways, we appreciate the video! :D 

Very nice game! Thanks for making a fun game

Hello! Thank you for playing! :D We're glad you enjoyed it. 

1.por favor me podrian decir si lo tendran para poder descargar en windows??


Not as easy as it looks. You start getting the hang of it over time I imagine if you fall down 1000 times you will start making progress! XD

Hi! It might not be easy at first, but that description of falling and getting back up 1000 times in on point. :D We do believe that you can pass the levels. :D  We hope you enjoyed your first try and we do appreciate the video! :D 

I played the game and I had a lot of fun with it. I didn't get to the end, but I might try it out again later. 

I definitely liked the addition of checkpoints. I'd love to see how this game develops. Good Luck!

Hello! Thank you for giving our game a try! You can finish it! We believe in you! With time, training and perseverance! :D  Meanwhile, we'll keep working on improving the game. :D 

Good sir, this indeed is a honorful and fair game, a quest for redemption and self-achievement, paved with perils, holes and your bones. Never my ears have heard such a glorious and angery tale, so I told my own story using a particular kind of book that lets you visualize images and sounds:

if you're interested, I wish you the best and biggest fortune in completing thy quest, It'd be my immense pleasure to continue the journey right to the tournament! Cheeryo!

We thank thee, dear sir, for giving the demo a try! It was a pleasure to see yer achievement in the end! :D 

We shall keep developing the game for better experience. Stay tuned for more sneak peeks here on itch.io! 

P.S. nice choice of soundtrack! :D 

Thank dearly gentlemen, I used the songs by a royalty free bard called Teknoaxe if you're interested :D

It took a little while to get a hang of balancing but in the end.. success. Kinda. :)

PS For anyone watching, please consider subscribing for a copious amounts of indie games.

Your ride was a pleasure to see! It was a good one! You made it to the current end! :D  

Thank you for the video and comments! We'll keep those suggestions in mind while continuing the development to offer a great gaming experience! Thank you for your interest for the game! :D  <3 

Keep up the good balancing work. ;) 

XP compatibility please? https://blogs.unity3d.com/2017/07/10/deprecating-directx-9/

We'll consider the possibilities during the development, no promises, though.  :D  Nevertheless, thank you for your interest for our project!  :D  <3